About the Course

The job opportunities for trained dental assistants are quite good in today's marketplace. In most parts of the country, there is an acute shortage of dental assistants. An examination of the classified ads in the Sunday newspaper shows that the demand for dental assistants is quite strong. This is true all over the country as well. The majority of these ads require experienced applicants.

Following your training in this ten week course, you will have the confidence and skills necessary to apply for these positions. Along with your diploma and x-ray certification, we will provide a letter of recommendation and a summary of your training experience to those students with a 70% or above grade average for the course.

Part of your training will involve the Job Interview itself, how to prepare for it, how to dress, what to say, etc. So often jobs are lost during the first five minutes of the interview. We feel it is important to train you in this area as well so that you will stand out from the rest of those competing for that position.

The starting pay scale for experienced dental assistants is considerably higher than non- experienced and most offices will not even consider anyone with no experience. We are often asked what can a graduate from our course expect to make in their first job. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states, for the Baton Rouge area, the mean hourly wage is $16.18 and the annual mean wage is $33,660. Again, this is largely dependent on your experience level. This course will give you experience in dental assisting allowing you a competitive edge over other job applicants with zero experience.

Another factor that is often overlooked is in the area of job satisfaction. We have heard many times over the years from our staff on how much happier they are working in the dental profession as compared to their previous jobs. They have come from many different fields including restaurants, secretarial positions, clerks, etc. They have said dental assisting gives them purpose and makes them feel like they are making a difference in people’s lives every day. Are you happy in your job? If not then do something about it!!